Library Journal Debut Spotlight!

I’m so honored to be featured in Library Journal‘s Debut Spotlight!

Read the article and find out why I spent 10 years writing about Empress Wu. What the traditional historians thought of her, and how I spent 6 years researching the ancient world of China.

Do you know Empress Wu’s memorial tablet was left blank? Read the interview here with Catherine Coyne from Library Journal and learn what I wrote for Empress Wu’s epitaph!




3/1/2016 Book launch at Crow Collection of Asian Art

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that The Moon in the Palace book launch will be held at the prestigious Crow Collection of Asian Art in downtown Dallas!

This is a dream coming true for me!

For many years, Crow Collection has remained a steadfast supporter of Asian art and literature in this country. The museum showcases astounding exhibitions originated in China, India, Japan and provides many incredible collections of artifacts tracing back to as early as 7th century.

The museum has also featured many wellknown authors such as Amy Tan, Lisa See, Jamie Ford, and many others.

If you’re interested in Asian art and will be in Dallas that day, come and visit Crow Collection. I’ll talk about my publishing journey, the splendid Tang Dynasty, the one and only Empress Wu of China, and afterwards, I’ll sign some books!

For details, go to The Moon in the Palace event at Crow Collection.

While you’re there, check out the amazing collections at Crow Collection!